Air & Hotel Programmes

FCM provides clients with the broadest range of prices and inventory for air travel, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and holiday travel.

The combination of FCM’s global negotiating strength, integrated systems, multiple product platforms and strong supplier relationships, mean clients receive the best itineraries for increased savings on every journey. FCM product includes:

Global fare finding system

Our global fare finding capabilities give our travel managers access to the lowest prices and widest selection of airline inventory seats. Our teams track and compare fares and seat availability on carriers around the world, allowing FCM's travel professionals to select the best global fare option of the day. FCM's global fare finding capabailities ensure customers benefit on a number of levels from measurable savings, better fare options and better availability of seat inventory. 

Client hotel programmes

Our people can give your business access to a world of corporate hotels and apartments at leading rates. As part of FCM's Global Hotel Programmes, FCM has partnerships with more than 24,000 hotels around the world. These hotels have been carefully selected and reflect what our clients are asking for locally, regionally, and globally. 

FCM's Global Hotel Programme gives your business access to an expansive global room inventory supplied by a wide range of selected hotel partners. The programme offers local expertise in 80 countries as well a sparity with 'local' rates, or better, for properties around the world.