Local Expertise

Local Approach

While our global presence continues to go from strength to strength, we make sure customers have access to local travel teams that have comprehensive knowledge of each market. Our unique level of regionalisation means we can provide added value to your business with local travel management advice and our relationships with local suppliers.
This approach enables us to provide your business with service that’s fl exible and culturally sensitive.

Strategic growth

Over time FCm’s global network has grown as a result of significant organic growth and the acquisition of major travel companies including Sydney Business Travel (Australia), Internet Travel Group (Australia), Garber Travel Services (USA), Bannockburn (USA), Britannic Travel (UK), American International Travel in Hong Kong, Liberty (USA), Friends Globe Travels (India), China Comfort (China) and Air Services International (Singapore). This planned and measured expansion has enabled the FCm family to grow and strengthen our workforce with some of the world’s most experienced travel industry professionals.